Welcome to Wisconsin Indoor Cycling

Wisconsin Indoor Cycling offers a multidimensional coaching approach through the various styles offered in each class.  We pride ourselves in offering a level of coaching for everyone.  Our athletes range from beginners to Kona qualifying athletes.  Our athletes enjoy the camaraderie between everyone whether they are looking to have fun or engage in some friendly competition with their training buddies. 
We offer two types of classes; power focused cycling and heart rate training.  Our power focused cycling classes also range in ability level within the athletes.  We offer three FTP tests throughout the six month off-season so you can see your progression.  To get the most out of your training in these classes a power meter is a essential tool but not necessary if you still want a great coached workout.  If you don't have a power meter and want one, we can help you purchase one. 
Our heart rate training classes are also very focused.  We offer a time trial test in the beginning of the season to calculate your zones.  Our coaches are very experienced with this method, and if you don't have a heart rate monitor, don't worry.  Our coaches can help guide you through perceived exertion as well as cadence during our workouts. 
We hope that you can find a class that fits your needs.  Grab a friend and come let us help you achieve that bike split you've been chasing for your next race!